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Working closely with our friend, Pete Guzzo, we cleaned up some distracting movement and finished off the graphics in this spot for Wawa.

We knew going into this one that there was going to be some cleanup required. The client liked this particular couch and wanted to see our talent fully sitting on it, so we knew the couch would move. Every precaution was taken on set to ensure that it moved as little as possible so we'd have a minimal amount of cleanup. In the end, the entire back of the couch was replaced along with the side cushions. We also stabilized and reframed the burger shots and fleshed out the temporary graphics into the final spot.

This breakdown will give you an idea of the work involved.

As you can see, the couch movement was quite distracting! But after all of the stabilization and cleanup, the focus returns to where it should—the new burgers.

Work done at Kestum Bilt