Symphonic Distribution - Artist Series






We love music, and we love shooting so we jumped at the opportunity to work with our good buddy Lorenzo de la Cantera to produce this series of mini-docs for Symphonic Distribution.

Nick Ewing

I had a great time shooting with Nick Ewing. We shot in Springs Theater, which is an old movie theater that has been converted into a sound studio. It was the perfect place for Nick to let his fiddle ring out.

Infinite Third

I've always loved music that is built up from loops, and I have always thought Billy Mays was pretty awesome, so it was great to film his son jamming out! We shot in a location where coffee is roasted, which added to the chill vibe of Billy's music.


This was an interesting shoot for me as I went to high school with Matthew Reisinger, aka FR33DBACK, and hadn't seen him since then. We shot this at Lot 1901 in Ybor City, which has a great vintage industrial vibe that fit perfectly with Matt's music.

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