Spectrum Small Business - Various




Creative + Animation


Spectrum's small business brand is positioned differently than their consumer offerings, so we opted to make an entirely new style for it. Working together with our friends at Charter Communications, we built a unique style with compartmentalized small businesses that all exist within the same world—united by Spectrum.

We built this style out of little vignettes to show potential customers that Spectrum Small Business services can help any business. We switch from interiors of clothing companies, to exteriors of coffee shops, main streets, and even small city blocks.

By integrating text call-outs into the vignettes we give our little scenes life, playfulness, and fun discoveries for the viewer. We wanted the viewer to see these scenes as little art pieces with fun elements to discover as we progress through the spot. To that end, we built fun transitions, even for price points, that flip and allow the viewer to feel like they're uncovering something. All along the way, each scene is connected to the others and united by Spectrum.

No Nonsense, Just Business

While we really like the :15 because it is a nice cut, this :30 version has a couple of fun elements that we had to cut out for time that you might enjoy.

Work done at Yellow Dog Party