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Creative + Animation


Working once again with our friends at Charter Communications, we built a new style together for a brand refresh—merging a 2D style they've been building with 3D elements and glowing environments, and our animation style.

Setting about refreshing Spectrum's brand, we took what we had built a few years ago, and built a look with bright, glowing blues, and soft depth of field to draw attention to the 2D style that Spectrum's team had built. We continue to use the arrow element, and elements based on it to move the brand forward. We also incorporate tunnels in longer transitions, so we have depth to play with.

Spectrum All the Things - Español

Spectrum is a multilingual brand, and we are a multilingual company, so Spanish is not treated as an afterthought. Spanish spots follow the same branding as the English versions. For this Spectrum Mobile spot, we also used 3D phones to continue the forward push of Spectrum.

We also built a ton of animations for arenas based on our refresh. We've got to say, it's pretty awesome to catch your animations in the background while watching your home team in the NHL playoffs.

Work done at Yellow Dog Party