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Creative + Animation


After Bright House merged into Charter Communications, we began to work with Spectrum's marketing to develop a new animation style for the brand. With an iterative process between our two teams, we created a solid foundation to build from together.

Spectrum's brand is all about moving forward, and so motion is what defines our creative direction and not just a collection of elements or designs. We built this idea into the DNA of the creative so that we could illustrate anything and it would visually belong with any of our spots.

Playing into this, we often use the arrow element from the logo to drive our motion forward but even more subtle elements like the italicized text callouts support the motion. Here, these ideas are employed in one of our first national spots for the brand in this style.

Spectrum Internet Ultra

As we have defined how elements should be used, there's a commonality whether the spot is for all markets or specific products only available in certain markets.

Spectrum TV App

Our style also works to mix in live action so that we can show people using the products and add a little humanity to the spots.

LA Dodgers - Outta Here

This spot, highlighting that the Dodgers are viewable on Spectrum in LA, shows how elements that aren't normally associated with the brand can easily coexist and feel like they come from Spectrum, even though this isn't a typical brand spot.

Work done at Yellow Dog Party