Rage 2 Promos




2D Animation


Knowing our reputation as Glitchlords, Andrew Embury contacted us to help build promos for Rage 2. Visually, Rage 2 has a lot of glitchy elements to the gameplay, so it fit perfectly with our style. Produced/Directed by: Andrew Embury/Yellow Lab. Full credits below.

Rage 2 is a giant collaboration between Bethesda, id Software, and Avalanche Studios. Joe has always loved playing id Software and John Carmack games since starting with Wolfenstein 3D shareware in 1992 and then Doom in 1993. So the opportunity to build something for a franchise they're attached to checked an item off of the bucket list.

Petrol's wonderful Insanity Rules campaign allowed for humor and the freedom to make super glitchy text and transitions to fit in with recorded gameplay from Rage 2.

This campaign included pre-order promos for Rage 2 in multiple resolutions for traditional and social media and a 2:00 trailer to explain "What is Rage 2?" The following includes some exploration as well as some clips from final pieces.

Work done at Yellow Lab