Power Pole Tag




Creative + Animation


Our longtime compatriots at Kestum Bilt were working on production for new Power-Pole branding and tapped us to build a graphical end tag for the new campaign.

Be one with the Fish

Early on we built a graphical tag that was designed to fit every type of content Power-Pole would need, from this humorous spot directed by Jason Wallis, to more informational based corporate presentations.

The brief called for the text "Catch More" in rock on the bottom of a watery environment. In order to maintain a consistent look but allow us to tag any spot, we chose to keep the environment and fish nondescript so that the tag could fit saltwater or freshwater versions. We also wanted to play up the theme as much as possible, so we animated the letters of the smaller text similar to a school of fish. When "Power" is revealed we pull away as if being chased. The second half of the logo unfolds as a subtle nod to Power-Pole's mechanical movement, and then completed logo bursts through the water like a fish before settling on the turbulent surface.

We presented two slightly different looks, one with "Catch More" as the rock itself and one with the text as a hole in the rock. Ultimately, we went with the solid version.

Full Tag

This is the tag in its entirety, it's mainly used on longer form content when used in full. It's designed to go over anything and be able to be cut at many points to fit the available time.

Work done at Kestum Bilt