LifeLink Foundation - Onboarding




Cinematography + Editorial


LifeLink has an amazing mission. Every day, each employee that walks through the door, no matter their role, is helping to facilitate life-saving transplants. LifeLink reached out to us to help new hires understand the role they play in LifeLink’s mission during their onboarding process for new employees. We collaborated with our friend, Ashley Moore, to develop the concept.

Every organ or tissue donor that LifeLink gains means possible lives saved. And every life saved improves the lives of their families too. It’s a gift.

We chose to illustrate this by highlighting the people who work tirelessly at LifeLink—many of whom are related to donors and recipients—to fulfill its mission of saving lives. Their stories are incredibly inspiring and they take the role they play seriously. Their reverence to fulfilling the wishes of the donor families is exemplary. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes—it’s truly awe inspiring.

Work done at Yellow Dog Party