Blue Emu




Creative + Animation


We have such an excellent relationship with Pete Guzzo and Kestum Bilt, that we were really excited to work together to deliver a fun series of spots for Blue Emu featuring anthropomorphic versions of their products.


As MLB is one of the main sponsors, initial versions of the spots were set in a field built out of 2D plates and a 3D field with more dense hero grass in the foreground. Later versions of the spots were set on a textured cyc and branded with MLB as well as NASCAR.

Because of Blue Emu's partnership with MLB, a huge part of the campaign was actually in Spanish so our list of deliverables included versions in both Spanish and English. For most projects, we'd start with English and retime with Spanish, but in this case we flipped that around. As the spots were short, we were able to get the timing between the two versions to be exactly the same.


The color grading was set pretty early on in our pre-production R&D. Ultimately, the scene would change to nighttime, so we adjusted accordingly. We carried the color over to the white backgrounds as much as we could.

Work done at Kestum Bilt