Better Up




2D/3D Animation + Compositing


Our good friend Andrew Embury ventured down from the frozen North to hang out and collaborate to bring this project to life over the course of a crazy week. Produced/Directed by: Andrew Embury/Yellow Lab. Full credits below.

Working closely as a global team with Yellow Lab leading the charge, we animated the intro and outro sections and completed background animation and all of the texturing and compositing for the full piece.

We built quite a few rigs for background animation. Some were simple Element 3D primitives with some background glow. Others were twisted versions of Trapcode Form that move with composition cameras. Our favorite was a gradient built out of separate layers that could be animated individually or linked to a camera with delay between each layer so there's a subtle depth when they move.

Special thanks to Mikey Borup for his 2D flares rig

Work done at Yellow Lab