YDP is these dudes.


We're a small and nimble outfit, but we're capable of big things.

Joe Clay

Joe is a director and motion designer. He's also the Glitchlord—at least that's what they tell him on YouTube. He last spoke at Keyframes in 2019 and he's obsessed with art, illustration, cinematography, coding, tech, and keeping his digital files neat and tidy. If you have a film or 2D animation project he'll be your bestie.

Severo Ojea

Severo, AKA Sev, is a director and 3D Ninja. You lose sight of him when he disappears behind some simple 3D cube and when you turn around, he's escaped through a mist of X-Particles. He likes animating, Doctor Who, and keeping wires bundled neatly behind his desk. If you've got a 3D project, he'll be your point man.

And with their powers combined, they are Captain Planet. No, seriously. You've never heard of the great Sevorjoe Oclaya? You're missing out.


We create film and animation from concept to completion. Our sole goal is to make beautiful work for you and for us so that we can continue to make beautiful work into the future. We team up and work together with you to make the best possible product that fits your business.


Notice that there aren't 32 useless photos of our studio on this site. There's no bullshit here, there's no ping pong table, there aren't 15 interns here slaving away on projects while we relax. What we do is all about the work. If it leaves this studio, the two dudes above have a direct hand in it—even if we have to hire additional artists.