Where We've Been (Part II) Jun 22, 2015

Santa Monica

Long time no see again. So let's get you updated. Here's a bit more on my travels this year.

In April Javier Fick, Caitlyn Corrao, and I flew out to LA and drove through the mountains to shoot in Bakersfield for Bright House. That was the first time I had been to California or even out West unless you count the airport in Phoenix. California has amazing weather. Even the desert-ish area of Bakersfield wasn't terribly hot.

Cali 01

We had a blast shooting in California. We also had a great time checking out the Sequoia National Forest. And we also discovered that Venice has a super-cool trendy neighborhood called Abbot Kinney that has bad ass shops like Will Leather Goods. We stayed just off the beach in Venice on our last night before flying out. In the morning I went swimming in the Pacific. It was a gnarly 64 degrees! I loved every minute of that.

Cali 02

In May we headed out to Detroit to shoot the 'burbs where Bright House has service. We were all wondering what kind of place we would find. You hear so much bad stuff about Detroit. It was an interesting place. We stayed in an airbnb that was on a block of houses but all around it there were just empty fields. There's still a lot going on in Detroit and still a lot of people looking to make it a better place. It was cool to see how the community was embracing that.

Detroit 01

Of course we had to check out all of the sites in Detroit too. And I had to get that fist bump from the Joe Louis Fist statue. The trip itself started out a little rough due the the grounding of planes in Atlanta that killed our scouting day. But Javi and I at least got to catch part of the TB/Rangers game from the third airport we travelled to that day.

Detroit 02

Thankfully, even with the loss of our scout day it all went well because we had a great crew. Cait isn't pictured because she took the photo, and we forgot to get a group photo with her and our second driver. But she was super important to getting this stuff done!

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