The Teleporter Jul 30, 2014

The Teleporter Moving The Teleporter Still

I started work on a new personal project last week. There was a test version before this one, but this is a finished style for the main character—The Teleporter.

I see this as a series of animations that I'll put together one day (and invite others to help me with), but making them 10-15 seconds at the most will allow me to actually get them done without having to have some sort of goal of getting a 10 minute short or something out of it.

Hopefully this will also help me to update the site more frequently. I know the blog is lacking, and I'm changing around a bit of my lifestyle so that I can dedicate more time to things like this blog and this project.

Also, be on the lookout for a more liberal use of animated gifs. I'm glad they're making a comeback, especially since they're a lot better this time around.